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The 10KLF visual artists
create the beautiful eye candy found all over the festival grounds. Keep your eyes peeled for live painting, stage backdrops, inflatable sculptures, performance art, black-light wonderlands and much more.



A Grateful Dead artist from Alabama who has been creating backdrops and T-shirts for 10KLF since 2005.  Artguy Chuck Hues will be painting live at the Art Barn during the festival! There will be a strong focus on collaborative blacklight painting being performed with Tatiana Katara at the Art Barn and solo at other locations daily. All art will be available for sale.

Hues has illustrated and painted in the entertainment industry for 19 years with many national acts including The Grateful Dead, WookieFoot, moe, the Breakfast, The Big Wu, Buckethead, Bassnectar and Insane Clown Posse. It is reported that he has close connections with Tree Pirates and Art ninjas, so be on the lookout for art overhead and for blacklights at the Art Barn.

Everyone is encouraged to check the barn doors to find postings of the various artist's tentative festi-schedules (with limited admission for several late night slots) Stop by for more information on all the art happenings throughout the festival.

The Art Barn is located at the West Gate Entrance and will feature several noted artists who will all be crafting their own flavors of creativity in a fun atmosphere. Stroll on in and check it out when ever you aren't out there shakin' your bones!  Who knows- - you might walk out with a piece of fresh art in your hands! Plus, the official Chuck Hues 10KLF t-shirt will be available at the merch booths.

Cheers from the Art Barn and Beyond! Visit Chuck Hues on the web at www.seehuesarts.com


Creativity. Passion. Energy. Flair.

Those are just a few of the many words that spring to mind when describing the brush strokes that come from the palette of world-renowned artist Frenchy. Of course those words also fit Frenchy's vibrant personality, which makes sense, because that persona is reflected in every piece of work the artist creates.

Who is Frenchy?

Born to a boxer and a saint on August 16th, 1970 , in the industrial New England town of Lowell, Mass., Randy Leo Frechette -– a.k.a. Frenchy –- has been drawing since he could grip a pencil. In grade school he impressed friends with caricatures of teachers and classmates, but he did not realize his true calling until The Boston Horns approached him in Orlando and persuaded him to paint their performance live.

From that point forward, Frenchy has led a colorful and dynamic ride with stops at concert venues and sports stadiums all over the globe. Based in the talent-rich city of New Orleans, Frenchy is an ambassador to the arts and a bastion of creativity.

His presence fills venues both large and small with an explosion of creative spirit. Frenchy captivates onlookers with his artistry in motion –- painting events in real-time as they unfold before him. His performance is captivating and its end-result is awe-inspiring.

Since 1997, Frenchy has called New Orleans his home and his muse. The vibrant local music scene pushes the artist's creativity and expressiveness to new limits. And he has branched out further by tapping into the city's sporting events -– ranging from weekly Saints game as the “official team artist” to Super Bowls and NCAA Championships. During Mardi Gras season he can be seen marching in parades, painting on canvas while others toss beads.

He is as “ New Orleans ” as red beans and rice on Monday, yet he doesn't limit himself to the Crescent City . Frenchy aggressively tours the country, painting events in order to quench his creative thirst. He hits music festivals and sporting events across the globe, while also pausing for commissions and studio pieces. All the while he bounces along with a care-free step and creative smile.

There will be a limited number of Frenchy 10,000 Lakes Festival prints available for sale at the General Store Merch Areas. Also stop by Frenchy's booth, located near the Field Stage in the concert bowl, for amazing live painting as well as a gallery space and art for purchase. Visit Frenchy on the web at Frenchylive.com


Sean's Doyle's hands have molded some of nature's hardest elements into magnificant organic shapes. From life-size trees of twisted steel, to huge custom door hinges and corporate sculpture.

His medium for expression has varied from steel, to stone and leather and eventually to adorning the human form as an awardwinning fashion designer.

But Sean didn't stop with his elegant garments and extravagant fashion shows. He carried his talents beyond the glamourous world of fashion, and into the land of imagination, with a large scale blacklight, interactive theatrical set he calls "Imagine This."

With an unusual talent for combining unlikely, and often thought provoking visual elements in his art, Sean has a knack for cultivating a visual splendor that lingers in the minds of those who experience it.

Sean might for example, create a giant meadow of glow-in-the-dark flowers and grass, where painted performers move through a living art canvas. Smoke ring cannons, lava drummers in contamination suits, a giant paper monster and glowing backdrops add an element of fun and surprise for the bands and events Sean has been commissioned to create atmosphere for.

Sean Doyle isn't likely to stop at leather corsets, bustiers or blacklight faerie lands. As his rich repitoire of talents has grown, so have his ideas and ambitions. Sean draws assistance from a growing pool of talented artists, musicians painters, photographers, builders, performers
and models to help him express his large scale, interactive visions.

Visit Sean Doyle on the web at www.seandoyle.com


After fifteen years of professional design experience, including packaging and Web design, Clay DuVal decided to pursue a career in art and design education "in order to share all that I learned." He continues to create illustrations and murals outside of the classroom for his freelance business D'VAL Design Group. Visit Clay on the web at www.hotpepe.com

"This drawing", Clay says, "took on a life of it's own throughout the composition process and ended up representing the actual concept of 'Synchronicity,' or chance occurrences that happen at the same time and yet are somehow related." Clay is pursuing his Ph.D. in curriculum development in graphic design and art education.

Stop by 10KLF Merch Booths and pick up a special edition Clay DuVal design 10KLF t-shirt!

Tatiana Katara has been making blacklight art since 1993. In 2004, she did her first blacklight live art gig, and since then has spent her summers painting at various music festivals. You may have seen Tatiana painting last year at 10KLF in the Art Barn.

She also painted the VIP signs and helped paint the 10KLF backdrops. Tatiana is most recognized for her work creating miniature fantasy and faerie realms with natural materials. Her art has been featured nation-wide, on television, in print, and most notably in Santa Fe's Chalkfarm Gallery.

Visit Tatiana all festival long at the Art Barn.

Her website is www.faeriefactory.com

Hello to all 10K festival goers!! My name is Annmarie Misik. Also known as Ri for short :).  I am one of the artists this year alongside other many talented artists who will be showcasing live art this year at the Soo Pass Ranch Art Barn.  I have been involved in many live art projects, including shows at Healing Records events, Bella Familia festivals, Project Earth, 10KLF2008, and Harvest Festival. I have had a blast being able to share my vision with all of those coming to these wonderful events. 
I am currently attending the Art Institutes International for graphic design.  I am involved in many aspects of graphic art and work alongside my brother (Drew from the New Rebelution) to promote his label known as Healing Records.  Visit healing-records.com for info on shows, design, or live art performances. 
Looking forward to seeing you! Luv Ri :)us


And last but not least, a very special "thank you" to those who have shed blood, sweat and tears to make 10KLF art look so beautiful over the years:

Rod Volker, Jimmy and Josh Fletcher, Eric Struve (Construction Boy), Kelly G from Lost Staging, The Big Wu, the Dudeman, Beth VanDeWalker, Nate Hobbs, Duster and the Fargo Birthday Crew, The SuFu Crew, Brad Z, Jordan O, Nick and the Hangmen (aka: The Tree Pirates)
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