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Festival - Vendor Locations

10KLF Shakedown Alley Vending & General Stores

The 10,000 Lakes Festival Shakedown Alley Vending Areas feature a myriad of tasty food and beverages, artisans, merchandise vendors and more. Many are open 24 hours.

Vending Areas are located in the Northwoods, Lake Sallie and Blue Ox/Viking Campgrounds.

The 10KLF General Stores, conveniently located throughout the festival grounds, provide everything you need for a safe and fun festival.

Featuring: 10KLF Festival Merchandise, message boards, maps, ATM's, ice, smokes, festival and camping supplies, golf cart taxi pickup stations, raffles, giveaways, garbage/recycling bags and much more.

General Stores are located in the Concert Bowl & Vip Tent, as well as the Northwoods, Lake Sallie and Blue Ox/Viking Campgrounds. Check 'em out!


Located next to the 10KLF General Stores in the Lake Sallie and Blue Ox/Viking Campgrounds, the Entertainment Tents provide a shady place to sit and eat and enjoy fun activites and live music all day long. Stop by when you arrive at the festival for a full schedule of events.

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