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Festival - Safety and Security
The 10,000 Lakes Festival is commited to providing a safe, clean and friendly music and camping environment. As a festival attendee, we expect you to help us in this goal.

The Soo Pass Ranch is a music venue and strictly follows the laws and guidelines that apply to any ballpark, stadium, arena or amphitheatre in Minnesota. As in any public setting, you are responsible for your actions. Please remember that you are a guest in Detroit Lakes and represent the festival to the community at large. We ask that you be good neighbors both inside and outside of the festival grounds.

Local and state law enforcement are involved with every aspect of our security plan, and will be present inside as well as outside of the festival grounds for your safety. In the case of an emergency immediately contact any 10KLF Staff or 24-Hour Security and Medical station located throughout the venue and campgrounds.

The Minnesota Highway Patrol will be patrolling the roads leading into the festival. The Becker County Sheriff's Department will be patrolling the festival throughout the duration of the event.

There will be brief vehicle searches of all vehicles entering the festival. There is a strict no pets policy at 10KLF. Vehicles with pets will not be allowed into the festival! Fireworks, weapons, glass bottles/containers, pets, furniture, and illegal materials of any kind are strictly prohibited.

The 10,000 Lakes Festival grounds are subject to county, state and federal laws. Violation of these laws including illegal behavior conducted in plain sight is potential grounds for search, citation or arrest. Please abide by all local, state and federal laws and lock up and secure your valuables when you leave your campsite. Your cooperation is essential for all of us and for the festival's future.

If you have any questions about 10KLF Public Safety please email info@10klf.com

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