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Community - Instrument Fund

10KLF "WE B Green" Program

The 10,000 Lakes Festival is held at the beautiful Soo Pass Ranch, a 600+ acre nature and wildlife area nestled among dozens of lakes, ponds, prairie and forest.

We consider ourselves stewards of this land and ask your help in maintaining it. The grounds are used only 2 weeks out of every year, allowing the abundant Minnesota plant and wildlife to thrive here. Bald eagles, deer, turtles, salamanders, fox and other rare animals call the Soo Pass Ranch home. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and other environmental agencies work hand in hand with 10KLF to preserve the health and welfare of this area.

There are some simple steps you can take to help us maintain this amazing place for years to come and reduce our impact on Mother Earth.

WE B Green
is an audience friendly recycling program aimed at reducing the amount of landfill waste generated by events at the Soo Pass Ranch. Less Trash – Better Planet! When you arrive at the campgrounds you will be given two plastic bags – a dark one for your trash, and a clear one for your recycling. This year we are making recycling even easier with WE B Green recycling stations in the campgrounds, at the gates, and in the concert bowl. In addition, there will be curbside pick up at your campsite for trash and recycling during and after the event.

Thank you in advance for keeping your campsite and the grounds clean and for keeping your trash and recycling bags separate so we can recycle as much waste as possible.
Please Carpool! There is plenty of room in the campgroounds. Save gas, money and carbon emissions by using one car.

Please help us Be Green and keep your trash (especially cigarette butts) and recycled items separated and deposit them at the numerous 24-hour Greening Stations located throughout the venue.

10KLF features running water locations in all the campgrounds, giving you the opportunity to wash off your plates and silverware and keep even more waste out of the landfill.

Composting at the Ranch - Bring a Bucket
Our efforts last year resulted in 79 tons less wastein the local landfill, including capturing over 50 tons of recycling. This year we want to exceed that by encouraging more composting. Simply bring a bucket, place your food waste into it after your meal and bring it to one of the Recycling stations where we will compost it and use it for fertilizer.

Thanks to our We B Green partners: LivGreen Magazine, Green Living For The Real World, and Electric Vehicles Unlimited who will be providing electric vehicles for the festival.

We are pleased to add Summit Brewing to our We B Green partners. Summit will be providing compostable cups that we will turn into fertilizer and spread on the grass in the concert bowl to keep it green after the fest. If you are drinking a delicious Summit Beer please dispose of the cups properly in the Compost Bin at the WE B Green Recycling stations loctated thoughout the Campgrounds and Concert Bowl.
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